Are you planning on leaving your piece of paradise during the humid summer months? You will be busy getting ready to leave, such as, saying good bye to friends, packing up, getting the house ready and hiring a home watch company. But have you ever stopped to think what would you do if the security alarm on your home or condo went off during your absence? Do you have someone who is dependable and trustworthy to respond to your home to allow the police access or to check to make sure everything is okay?

Some homeowners leave their keys with a neighbor or relative. You might have thought that it was your only option. What if your neighbor or relative is away themselves? Or at work or sick or in the hospital? What if there’s a storm on the way, or some other complication? What if you just aren’t comfortable with the idea of neighbors having unfettered access to your home and possessions?

A key holder is someone trusted to hold both keys and security codes to premises and is authorized to enter the structure to perform home watch services, supervise service and maintenance personnel and respond to an emergency on their behalf. They can allow fire and law enforcement personnel access to the residence and direct them in the event of an emergency. In the event of an unlikely emergency you can sleep easy knowing G-Man Home Watch stands ready to be at your home and property as quickly as possible to manage any concern that may arise.

We are locally based and can work with your alarm company to act as key holders to your property. After we respond, we will communicate with you by generating an activity report for your review.

Let G-Man Home Watch provide you the peace of mind you need while you are away. We will serve as your local contact to check the interior/exterior of your property on alarm activation calls or any other reason.